Who Am I?

I’m a Northwesterner.

That’s as fair of a description as I can come up with. I come from Portland, Oregon and I’ve lived in the Metro-Area for most of my near-30 years. I enjoy the outdoors and technology (especially together), rain doesn’t get me down and I’m pretty polite. I’m known to wear socks with some sort of open footwear (even while it’s raining) and in the winter, shorts and a hooded sweatshirt are not out of the question. I own flannel shirts, hiking gear, an old .22 rifle, I have maps on my bedroom wall and my girlfriend drives a Subaru Outback. We drink more coffee than plain water. I build my own computers and sometimes other peoples’ (not like from scratch with a hatchet in the middle of the woods..)

I’ve been a freelance graphic designer for many years, though I’ve always been very low-key about it. Small projects once in a while for a friend, mostly just playing around with my own projects. I didn’t go to any sort of design school or receive any official education, I’ve just been teaching myself over the years (though that will be changing soon…). From a client standpoint this can be good or bad. I don’t have any degrees to prove that I know what I’m doing but I can show you. Also, my rates for design work are not inflated just to pay off a school loan, I charge hobbyist rates.

I’m a bit of a gamer but I’ve never been terribly good at it (though I still enjoy it!). Once in a while I have a bit of a video game binge but I mostly tend to not play them very often. I’m more likely to be spending my free time in a book or outside – maybe reading an eBook on a mountain peak. I’d love to be a photographer but it’s a very expensive hobby to just jump into. For now, I content myself with snapping photos with smartphones and occasionally ending up with something worthwhile. One day though…

Anyway, if there’s anything you want to know about me or any questions I can answer, just drop me a line and I’ll get back to you.