The Lies of Locke Lamora

Recommended: The Gentleman Bastard Sequence – Novels


The Gentleman Bastard Sequence is, without a doubt, one of my new favorite series. Author Scott Lynch has certainly put together a winning combination of ingredients in these engaging novels and I’m currently chomping at the bit for the fourth installment. I’m going to try to tell you a bit about each of the three that are out now, (with a few excerpts, I’ll do my best to avoid any major spoilers) and I’ll come back to update this when the next one releases.

This is a fantasy series, so expect some swords, horses, magic and sailing ships. This isn’t your parents’ Hobbit though. There is a decent amount of profanity (and other colorful language) and violence, though not an overwhelming amount of excruciatingly-detailed sex scenes (which can be refreshing). Now, to the Bastards! (more…)


The Importance of a Strong Vocabulary


I was recently perusing the Facebook page for the website, The Art of Manliness (a far more insightful website than you might assume from the title), when I happened upon an article entitled, “The Importance of Building Your Vocabulary“. It’s a wonderful write-up and I found it quite thought-provoking. The article describes the potential benefits of having a strong vocabulary, a subject on which I also have some firm opinions. Please allow me to share my thoughts with you. (more…)

Affordable Care Act Misinformation


You may have seen this post (entitled, “WARNING CONCERNING OBAMACARE”) floating around the Internet (most likely in Facebook or in an e-mail), making all sorts of claims about “Obamacare” and the penalties associated with non-compliance. The best description for this posting is, “asinine, inflammatory, falsehoods”.

Warning Concerning Obamacare

Let me break this down a bit. (more…)

Mad Scientist

Just a Theory: 7 Misused Science Words


Article taken directly from – consider this a “re-post”.

Angry Scientist

From “significant” to “natural,” here are seven scientific terms that can prove troublesome for the public and across research disciplines

Hypothesis. Theory. Law. These scientific words get bandied about regularly, yet the general public usually gets their meaning wrong.

Now, one scientist is arguing that people should do away with these misunderstood words altogether and replace them with the word “model.” But those aren’t the only science words that cause trouble, and simply replacing the words with others will just lead to new, widely misunderstood terms, several other scientists said.

“A word like ‘theory’ is a technical scientific term,” said Michael Fayer, a chemist at Stanford University. “The fact that many people understand its scientific meaning incorrectly does not mean we should stop using it. It means we need better scientific education.”

From “theory” to “significant,” here are seven scientific words that are often misused. (more…)

N2A for Kindle

Kindle Fire to Android Tablet – cheap & VERY easy!


Kindle Fire HD 7″ to Kindroid 7″ Tablet

Last night I decided to dig around and see my options for putting a proper Android operating system on my Kindle Fire HD 7″ device. The first option that I encountered is a service called N2A (operated by Arizona-based N2A Cards, LLC), which began as a service/program (called N2A Cards) for installing Android on Barnes & Noble Nook devices (N2A stands for “Nook 2 Android”). Earlier this summer, they branched out to include Kindle Fire devices (Fire Gen 1 & Gen 2, Fire HD 7″, Fire HD 8.9″ and 8.9″ LTE – though currently you lose the LTE functionality with that device if you install N2Aos) and I couldn’t be happier. (more…)

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